Jaime Marvin

a taste of a different world, viewed through the eyes of someone who is a bit lost herself... searching for that reason to keep going

Hi There!

Come on in and enjoy. I must thank you for all of your continued support. You guys are insanely incredible!! Please feel free to hit me up on any of my social links or through the contact Jaime menu option on here. I am always looking for new cover tune ideas, or even topics for my new material, so don't be shy! :)

Thanks again,



The song writing, incredible. Guitar work, beautiful, the band is outstanding, the recording, so pure, that voice... Nice job, Jaime Marvin. I can’t stop listening to it! ~ Brian L. ~ November 3, 2016
“Jaime Marvin opened with her songs immediately capturing the full cafe studio. A rich voice, masterful guitar and powerful lyric. She left us with several requests for more. A “Michigan Gem” indeed. THANK YOU Jaime!” www.BlackCrystalCafe.com ~ GW Staton ~ Friday, March 13, 2015